New Year Resolutions in your 40s


What better time of the year to start a blog than January! And what better resolution in December, than to start writing in January!

After over 3 decades of making resolutions and miserably failing at them… I have decided 2018 will be different. Different because at 42, I cannot afford to not do the things I want to do anymore. Time is rapidly running out (Where do the years fly these days) and I need a couple of more decades to accomplish a few things

I have never considered myself much of a writer – but… I have always written down things for them to become a reality. And thus… this blog. To help make the things I wish to do a reality, and perhaps share them with you…. in some anonymity.

I am going to list down my resolutions…. and more will emerge as the days go by, but the focus will remain on evolving as a person, learning something new ever so often. In mind, in body and also in spirit. Hopefully my diary will capture some of that as we go along.

(This is what happens to resolutions in your 40’s. You do not necessarily give up making them (Oh no you didn’t you cynic!!), but you keep them vague… perhaps a little flexible.)


The year ended for us on a high note. Exhausting… but high. Surrounded by family at a wedding, visiting siblings and friends from abroad and togetherness. Ofcourse, the way I party has changed significantly. I no longer have the drive and energy to drink, or to dress up all fancy, or to go hang out with people I barely know. (Last night, I fell asleep and didn’t show up at a party! I know I will never be invited again – but I was willing to take that risk! I was THAT tired)

So here goes.

  1. Write that blog (Hey!!! I am here!). Have set a goal of 50 for 2018.
  2. Read those 50 books this year (I am currently reading my first, Cooked by Michael Pollan, and I will publish my review here)
  3. Practice yoga
  4. Walk 10K steps everyday. Every. Single. Day.
  5. Cook & Bake more – eat healthy!
  6. Travel more (We did Kabini in end of December, I am in Goa on work next week, and we go to Hampi for his birthday – all in January. Hopefully I can keep up)
  7. Stay in touch, talk and meet. With family, with friends…
  8. Learn something new every month (This will get done with the work we do on Kadambari)
  9. Have more fun!!


The 10th… is mine to know. 🙂

Happy New Year folks! Have the best one yet!







About off-sites and hanging out with colleagues

Those who know me will know how much I love to travel. Growing up, travel meant boarding a train at Secunderabad station and getting off at Hazrat Nizamuddin and spending the time in between shuttling between the two set of grandparents.

So when I started working, the first thing I did was travel. Moving to Bangalore meant easy access to Coorg, and Ooty, and the various Jungle Lodges. I did my very first trip alone to Goa – March of 2001 I think it was, and the hotel was Taj Aguada. That was when I was hooked. Both to Goa, and to travel.

Since then I have traveled by myself, with friends, with the husband …..and on work.

This past 3 days I have spent in Goa and while I did get to “see” the beach – it was from a distance …. The rest of the time was spent in a freezing conference room, or drinking way too much gin and tonic. It was at the Park Hyatt, which was the saving grace – I love this property …. had Y’s hens there,

Traveling with colleagues always annoys me a little – especially to places like Goa. Whats the point of a getaway…. if you aren;t going to “get away”? Things that irk me…

  1. I have to have a whole different wardrobe labelled Unsuitable Travel clothes for the beach . I am a bit old fashioned so hesitate to wear short summery clothes on work trips – even to the beach. which mean I am always hot, humid and look silly to the rest of the guests
  2. If you thought I looked silly, the sight of grown men in jeans/ dark pants and full sleeved shirts and shoes walking around the resort is even sillier.
  3. The “free scotch pe toot pado” colleagues…. Whats wrong with these people? Do they not realise that getting drunk and dancing on one knee with their lady colleague scars the latter for life.
  4. The belcher in the conference room. There is always one guy who does that – and he very likely is always either on your table or the table behind you.
  5. The enthu cutlets who by breakfast, have gone for a run on the beach, a walk in the garden and also ridden the water scooter in the sea. Like what did they do – wake up at 4 am??? I just about made it to breakfast….
  6. The colleagues who treat hotel staff like their personal valet.

I want to travel, I want to travel to Goa…again… perhaps this time not with work!